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Yaal is a dream come true for me, he came to me by chance and I have never looked back!
This boy is very biddable, trainable and loyal. I consider him a joy to work in all 3 phases of DogSport, he works to please me and does not require a toy or food to do so. He is a high energy dog that gets excited to do anything! Yaal is extremely athletic and this being the case, teaching him things like the blinds/jump and send-away has been rather easy - on the field he works well in defense and has good fight drive, taking his work seriously.  He is a civil and very resilient dog, and has a very strong character, I would describe him as a serious boy and is very territorial, needless to say he looks after things around here! On the flip side he has a lovely nature, he spends many a night in the house with us and is very relaxed inside - a very easy dog to be around and a whole lot of fun! Some of Yaal's siblings have gone on to work with the police - and so far they are working out very well.
I have been working him in DogSport and he loves it. Yaal has some notable dogs behind him - Fax Vom Grenzganger (SchH3), a very successful dog with a strong character, Ufo Van Guy's Hof (SchH3), a very good dog and producer,  Raennik Adolf, Yaal's Grand Father a Police Service dog and his litter brother Raennik Aiko a PD.SERT dog in Australia), Stormfronts Brawnson (SchH3, DPO2, WPO, FH2), a highly successful American Police Dog.



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