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We were lucky enough to get one of Kim's pups, he is a wonderful little guy - the fastest learning dog I have ever had. Dealing with Kim was very easy and it was a thorough process which is a testament to her dedication to finding the best homes and people to raise her dogs. This pup is confident in new situations and is very inquisitive. He loves a good game of tug and chase and of course is a very handsome little tacker. We are very happy with our new addition to the family.  Rachel Davis.

We couldn't be more in love with our Amazon (Ammy for short). Ammy has settled beautifully, she has the loveliest personality with a loving calm intelligent nature. Ammy is sitting and coming  on command and had her first puppy school class last week, and she was great. Ammy is growing so fast, I’m looking at her on her mat which is now too small.  She’s fantastic when it’s time for our bed we will take Ammy to the door and she now walks to the garage ready for bed, as is the rest of her family. Thank you Kim for doing such a wonderful job and I couldn't thank you enough for entrusting Ammy into our care we feel very privileged to have her with us.  Veronica McDougall.

I have sat down to write about this amazing pup many times and every time he just surprises me again. Now I give up and just try to describe this incredible animal. Axel is my third German Shepherd Dog so I thought I was up with the play.  Not a chance, Axel is a GSD on steroids. He has such an insatiable desire to learn and play. His prey drive is incredible as is his ease of training. He just constantly wants to learn. He will talk back if he doesn't want to do something and will lead and show you when he does want something. (Gotta be careful about who is training who sometimes). However I am not all that surprised really. From early on in my conversations with Kim I sensed that any dog she chose a home for would be pretty remarkable, and our Axel is just that. Kim's main concern was always to find the right homes for her pups. Thank you Kim for breeding this wonderful ball of energy that we love so much, and for choosing us to raise him. Our contact details are available through Kim and we would happily meet with anyone and recommend Kim's dogs. We are in Lower Hutt. Wayne and Penny.

I have been lucky enough to adopt one of Kim’s latest offspring and she is one great dog full of drive and quick to learn. Kim was easy to deal with and impressed with the care she took of mum and pups. She also spent hours getting to know their temperaments so as to match up the pups with their new homes. She remains interested in how the puppies are getting along and is happy to be contacted by the new owners. Very happy GSD Mother, Kathy.

When I decided to buy a German Shepherd for my partner I started looking at the breed and at New Zealand breeders and quickly decided I wanted a working line dog rather than a show standard dog. I wanted to find a breeder with integrity who I believed was dedicated to breeding dogs with healthy conformation and a steady temperament. After reading Kim’s statements on her website, and realizing that she had a litter of pups due, I decided to enquire about purchasing a pup from her. Having spoken with Kim on the phone I quickly paid a deposit and crossed my fingers that we would be able to acquire one of the pups. My partner waited over 40 years for his first German Shepherd but Chilli was worth the wait. It was strange not to be able to choose our own puppy but Kim’s choice for us was perfect. Long story short, we were successful and have now had our bitch, known as Chilli, for just over two weeks. We love everything about her; her color, her pretty face and her loving nature. She slept through the night from the off set, and has fit right into the family. She has a lovely nature and is not phased by new experiences. She is confident and happy around people and has made friends with the cat. As I type this, David is throwing, and Chilli is retrieving, one of her favorite toys, a brush from a brush and shovel set – which she chose herself from my bathroom cupboard. She is learning basic commands such as “Sit” and “Fetch” as well as understanding “No”. Thanks, Kim, for our lovely little (at the moment) girl. Trish and David.

Kim is a very responsible, committed and diligent breeder. Indeed, she has a thorough comprehensive knowledge of the German Shepherd breed and is passionate about their integrity and wellbeing. We found this particularly evident through Kim’s rigorous vetting process, which not only served to determine whether we would be responsible, loving owners but also demonstrated to us her credibility as a breeder. We were very impressed by how deeply she cared about each of the puppies she reared and the lengths she went to, to assess their individual characteristics and attributes. Kim is dedicated to ensuring that each of these gorgeous and vivacious puppies are appropriately rehomed. By liaising with Kim you can feel assured that you are in ‘safe hands’, as she is nothing short of professional, honest and consistent. She truly loves and respects this breed and is eager to see them thrive in the right environment.

My husband and I feel very privileged to be entrusted with an adorable, intelligent and vibrant male puppy from Kim; who we have named ‘Bear’. Bear is an attractive and good natured boy, who gets lots of compliments wherever we go. He is attentive, alert and quick to respond to instruction. Bear has good drive and a healthy appetite and loves playing with us and his older sister (a Siberian Husky). We expect these attributes to only flourish as he gets older and are hoping to enrol him in some agility classes. Needless to say, we adore our little Bear and are extremely grateful to Kim. Hannah Jeanne Nettikaden.

I recently bought a male pup from Kim. She loves the breed and I found her good to deal with. Not choosing the pup out of the litter myself was a new concept for me but it has worked really well. Kim does a good job matching the pups to the families they will go to. Zeus settled in very quickly and I have been impressed by his confidence.  He is an awesome little fella and I can see him becoming the dog I had hoped for. Paul.

I found out about Sarskilda  online by searching 'Working Line German Shepherds'. I had been researching Working Lines for the last couple of years and was very interested in the reasons for breeding them. There weren't many breeders but I did find Sarskilda had the most information and  the photo gallery was excellent.  I phoned the Kennels when the litter was born. Had a very lengthy conversation with Kim and was surprised that a puppy was to be chosen for us not the other way round.  Also wasn't guaranteed a puppy. We had to have a pup that was suitable as a pet.  I must say that was probably the most difficult part - waiting to find out if we would be successful. I am pleased that she was chosen for us. I have had two German Shepherds before and they are a very high energy breed. We finally did get a bitch and she is a lovely dog. She learns very quickly and has great drive. I get a lot of comments about her nature and she absolutely adores people, especially children.  Kim has kept in regular contact with us and the children send her photos and videos on Facebook.  I have found I can phone Kim anytime to answer any queries I may have and that she has a huge knowledge base of the breed including food, training, breeding, vaccinations and history. Thanks Kim! Vanessa Mowat.

When Kim's first Ceda/Yaal litter was on the way, I was very keen to have a pup. I already had Ceda's full litter brother, Rima, and was really pleased with him. I also still had Scout, the last of the three GSD's I brought home from Canada with me in 2005. Scout was older but still full of vim and vigour. Having had three GSD's for several years, I also decided not to go the three-dog route again. With me working full-time, three dogs were just a bit much, and less than ideal for the dogs themselves. When the second Ceda/Yaal litter came along, I was sorely tempted but felt it would not be fair to an aging Scout to bring in a puppy, so once again I declined. Unexpectedly, in July 2014, my beloved Scout died. At this point, of course, Kim's pups were all spoken for, including the two she held back. Imagine my delight when she decided to re-home a female from that last Ceda/Yaal litter, and offered me the opportunity to have her. And so, just before Christmas 2014, Eris came to live with me, Rima, and Libby the cat. She moved in to my home like a little tornado, not unlike Scout in her younger years. If anything, Eris is more mischievous and cheeky than Scout, which hardly seems possible. Along with Scout's exuberance and joie de vivre, Eris also shares her easy-going, confident and discriminating approach to life. She's a take-anywhere kind of girl, a quick learner and an easy-keeper. Eris has fitted into her new life smoothly and, apart from the occasional theft (dish brushes, wash cloths, jandals, gum boots, socks, pens...the list goes on) — all due to lapses in my concentration — she has been no trouble at all. While Eris has forged a strong bond with her "Uncle Rima" and a healthy respect for Libby the cat, she has also connected with me and is eager to please and a lot of fun to work/play with. Thanks, Kim! I'm so happy with Eris. I appreciate your time, enthusiasm, care and generosity of spirit when it comes to your dogs. Jan.

We were lucky enough to have Falcon (a.k.a. Bubba) join our family this year. He is a wonderful and well balanced pup that has fit into our home with ease. Being passionate about German Shepherds as a breed, it was important to us to seek out a breeder that strives to achieve both the physical and mental attributes that make a well rounded dog that is fit for purpose. Kim has been fantastic to deal with throughout the entire process with excellent communication, and has kept us well informed at all stages. The meticulous care Kim takes to match the right pup with the right owners is a credit to her as breeder and the proof is in the wonderful end result. Thanks! :-) Tanya and Matt Smith.

We brought our young pup home almost a week ago and she is proving to be a truly awesome wee girl. Kim has been wonderful to deal with right from the very outset. She was totally upfront and made no promises that there would be a suitable pup at the end of the process. The concept of someone choosing the pup for us was totally new but having experienced it, now wish all breeders were as conscientious and careful as Kim has been with homing their pups. Needless to say Midget ( now Sheena) is already fitting into the household most remarkably. We are so impressed with how sound she is physically and mentally for one so young and look forward to many many years of love and companionship with our little girl. Thank you Kim. An updated testimonial for Sheena now named Hannah. Kim, Hannah just has to be the smartest pup ever!!!! You show her something once and it is like she has been doing it all her life. She is not nervous around visitors that she has never met before but will bark if something is out of the ordinary or a vehicle stops at the gate. She lets me check her teeth and paws without mouthing or flinching and yet she will hold on tight and is quite relentless when playing tug o war. I think I have died and gone to heaven, she is simply a dream pup. Our three cats have different natures and she treats each one differently and they are all perfectly happy to be around her and even tolerate the face licking when they greet each other. Hannah is such a joy to have around and is so truly very easy to live with. I guess you hear this all the time but honestly I have known many, many pups in my lifetime and have never ever seen anything like it. She makes me look so good because she is just so reliable and obedient and it isn't my doing at all - it is all down to Hannah and her wonderful temperament. She is willing and eager to please, she listens, well 90% of the time LOL. She does get distracted when the cat chases the stick she was retrieving and has to stop and wash his face before picking the stick up and returning with it. BUT she never forgets what she was sent for and always completes the job. Now tell me that she is not a miracle of nature! I wish everyone could be so fortunate and there would be no need for the SPCA, dog pounds or rangers. I don't know how you did it Kim, but you need to keep the recipe. Rod and Judy Ward.

We have owned German Shepherds for over 25 years, and last year found ourselves quite unexpectedly without any.  Deciding to get another German Shepherd was easy – finding a suitable puppy wasn’t so easy.  Finally we came across Sarskilda Kennels’ website, and realised that these working line dogs were the kind of German Shepherds we had been hoping to find – bred for more than their looks, but also for their temperament and character.   We were happy with the idea of being matched to a puppy, and when Kim finally told us there was one available that would suit us (or that we would suit him!) we were overjoyed.  Kim was easy to deal with, and we appreciated the time she took to talk with us so she could be sure of placing the correct puppy in our home.  It demonstrates that Kim takes her responsibility as a breeder seriously.   Gryphon is now 11 weeks old, and a great puppy.  He is intelligent, confident and teachable.  He is friendly and cuddly, and very busy!  Apart from those great characteristics, he is incredibly handsome, and is without doubt a much-loved member of our family! Aaron and Wendy Merrick.

We adopted a 5 month old pup from Kim's last litter, she is the most intelligent, intense, inquisitive
dog I have ever come across and I have had dogs all my life. She is a real character and has a real
sense of fun. She is confident and curious in new situations and is very trainable. Kim is very
thorough when it comes to choosing the right dog for the right home and makes sure that any
potential owners are 100% up to the task. What impressed me is her commitment to her dogs and
her unwavering determination to make sure that her dogs are well looked after and loved. I'm also
grateful for her availability when it comes to any advice we need regarding training, health or
nutrition. Although providing a home for one of these dogs requires a lot of dedication,
commitment and hard work, we have found in Tanis an exceptional companion and all around great
dog....couldn't ask for more, thank you. Jodi and Paul.

We had an absolute pleasure dealing with Kim. From the very beginning, Kim was very clear to communicate that she only wanted the best for her puppies and will make sure that they have the best life they can have.  
Once the pups were born, we had weekly updates on them and looked forward to the photos.
Kim was very keen answering any questions we had about puppies, always available and happy to help!
Once we got our 8 week old puppy, it didn't take us long to realize how perfect the puppy was for us. Exactly what we were looking for in terms of drive and temperament. 
Ella, our little bundle of joy, is very clever little girl. Didn't take her long to get housebroken and pick up on lots of things. She is very energetic and eager to learn things and explore the world around her. 
Thank you so much to Kim for the precious puppy we are stoked to have in our lives! Ana and Nick.

We are very happy with the service you provided throughout the sale of your/our puppy, Dysis. The constant updates on the progress of the litter, the discussions into what we were looking for, and your choice for the most suitable puppy for what we were looking for, were excellent. Dysis is a very driven puppy with plenty of energy and attitude. We are very happy with her and believe she is capable of going far as a working dog. We are looking to do IPO/Schutzhund with her. Thank you for allowing us to buy one of your puppies, we would happily deal with you again in the future. Anna and Paul, Australia.

Dear Kim, thank you for making one of my biggest dreams come true. Leo and I are so happy to have Zumu as a new member of our family. We are so impressed with how fast she is learning and adapting to her new home. I also want to thank you for putting the interest of the puppies before the money. From the 3 breeders I contacted you were the only one who has spent time getting to know us, which is so important for the well being of the pups. Thank you for great communication and for being available to answer our endless questions :) we look forward to staying in touch with you for many years to come :) Irina and Leo.

Thank you Kim for such an amazing pup! Koda truly is so awesome just like you said! I really appreciated all the effort and time you put into matching the litter to each new puppy parent. It was worth the wait! I love her to bits and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Also all the advice and tips during the first week was great and she is such a fast learner!! Thanks for everything! Sarah.

My name is Suzanne. 
I am the proud owner of Miss Red from Kims latest litter.
Earlier, I had almost committed myself to a GSD with a breeder in Christchurch until I came across Kim Foster of Sarskilda Kennels on the Internet.
I loved the deep Sable colours of Kim's dogs, it was love at first sight. 
I was so impressed with the detailed description and personality of each dog but also of Kim's commitment to the breed and her passion for her dogs.
Her knowledge of the breed was profound  there wasn't a beat she missed in all of my questioning and many phone calls. Not once did Kim ever come across as impatient and answered all of my queries and questions, often 3 times over.
But the cool thing was that she wasn't selling puppies for Christmas presents like some do on Trademe, she was very responsible as to who and where her puppies were going. She was VERY particular and guarded about what pup was going to who and where. And if it doesn't work out she wants the dog back because she backs up her beliefs with actions.
 I still have close contact with Kim with many worries and questions and she always gets back to me and gives the time needed to help me. 
I liked this the most about purchasing a dog from Kim. 
She really gives it her all and makes sure you have a top quality dog that will match your requirements to the letter. 
So do you get one from the next available litter?  Not in my case. I had to wait for three litters down the track.
Did I get the dog of my dreams, a Sable and other features I thought would look good?  No.....I got the opposite in looks, a Black female,   but..... she has all the dream qualities of a dog that I wanted.
As a puppy, she is not aggressive, good strong character and a smart thinker. Sociable, clean, piece of cake to crate train, has drive and tenacity, nothing fazes her, she is sensitive and courageous and fast on her feet. She is a nice shape and solid. .and loyal. She is not a yappy dog either, she just listens with both ears straight up and then decides if the noise is worth a reaction. She is very confident.
She is a beauty and I am very blessed to have her. I cant wait to watch her grow and develop in Dog sports, it will be fun.  So do you want to deal with a breeder who will give you the pick of the litter just to get ex amount of dollars and not give a toss as to how your match works out or do you want a dog that is  especially selected for you, perfectly matched up to your needs and that money isn't the main motivator, but the welfare of the dog is, then trust me, Kim will look after you for as long as you need. You will not be disappointed. Suzanne Connally.

My wife and I purchased a GSD from Kim Foster of Sarskilda Kennels, from her second litter.
Aside from being very happy with the dog we now own and enjoy we also found dealing with Kim an easy and professional experience.
It has been obvious to us that Kim takes great care in her dogs mating's and also in the ownership of the resulting pups.
We have no reservations in recommending Kim Foster as a breeder or in the purchasing of a dog.
Ian & Heidi Taylor

We were recently lucky enough to be chosen by Kim to own one of her awesome puppies.
Dealing with Kim was very easy and we were very impressed by how thorough she is with finding the right homes for her puppies. Her main priority is the welfare of her the dogs and she requests regular updates on their progress .
We couldn't be happier with the puppy( Odin) she chose for us. He is just awesome and has fit into our home with ease and has become great mates with our 2 year old GSD Axel.
At 10 weeks old Odin has already learnt the basic sit and come commands and has just about got the wait command down as well. 
We couldn't be happier. Lance and Fiona.

We are absolutely delighted with our pup and would not hesitate in recommending Sarskilda to anyone wanting an exceptional Working Line Shepherd.  Kim was a pleasure to deal with and following our conversations regarding the possibility of adopting a Sarskilda pup, Kim’s passion and commitment to the breed was very clear. At that point I knew was willing to wait as long as necessary for the opportunity to have a pup matched to our family. I am delighted to say that our puppy Stella aka Miss White, is exactly what we wanted. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, a lovely dark sable with little black boots. She is very confident and independent, has great drive, loads of energy when playing but will happily relax with the family. She is extremely inquisitive, attentive and alert. Training to date has been a breeze, at 10 weeks Stella knows the basic Sit, Come, Lay Down and Wait commands, we are looking forward to watching her grow and learn over time and will keep you updated.  Thanks Kim! We are absolutely in love with Stella and feel very privileged to have her. Sarah.

We recently became the proud owners of a Sarskilda puppy, and are so in love with this wee dog. What an amazing pup, he is remarkably quick to learn and eager to please, very clever and assertive, not only that, he is a stunning looking boy. Kim is a very committed, honest and knowledgeable breeder. She goes to great lengths to make sure that not only are these beautiful puppies going to great homes and the right environments, but also that the right puppy is for you and the perfect match is made. Kim was absolutely on the mark when Lincoln came to us, he has blended into our family perfectly. You can be sure that if you are looking to Kim for a puppy, you will be in the best of hands, and the best of pups will be placed in yours. Beth.  

When we decided to get a German Shepherd pup we looked at different breeders and came across Sarskilda Kennels. We had our first contact with Kim and spoke at length about dogs etc. Kim was very easy to talk to and very helpful with advice which is ongoing. I have had a German Shepherd before but was reluctant to get another as I felt I would compare the new one with the old - but after being lucky enough to be selected to be a home for one of Kim's pups, I haven't given any thought to comparison, as this little girl has a personality of her own and is just brilliant to have around. Very easy to train, she knows her name, sits on command, and lets you know when she needs to go outside. Very happy with our Maxie! Geoff and Lois.

I had spent hours looking for a German Shepherd breeder when I came across Kim's website. I found it very informative so I decided to give her a call. Having spoken to Kim at length I was confident I had found a diligent breeder who puts her dogs first. Also the fact she had contacts with the dog section in the NZ Police I was confident I would get a pup that was healthy, had a great temperament and would be easy to train.
 Kim was extremely honest and was adamant I would only get a pup if she felt there was one that would be perfectly matched to me. This was a new concept to me but once I took time think about it, it only made complete sense.
 I was lucky enough to receive one of her pups and I can honestly say I couldn't be more happy. Macy has a great temperament and she is eager to learn and wants to please. She is also a great looking pup. It didn't take long for her to become my best mate.
 Kim has continued to show interest in Macy and she has been great support to me when required. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kim as a breeder. John.

We are so happy with our beautiful pup. He has settled in remarkably well, and is so happy in his new home. Dealing with Kim throughout this entire process was easy and comforting. She always had the best interest of the pup in mind, and it is clear how passionate Kim is for this breed and her dogs. We felt 100% confident in Kim's abilities to match us to a suitable puppy, and it was well worth the wait. We highly recommend Kim to anyone wanting an honest breeder, who genuinely cares for her dogs and puppies. Linda. 

Kim Foster of Sarskilda has been fantastic to deal with, from our initial enquiry right through to the acquisition of our new pup. We are absolutely delighted with the pup, she’s all we expected and more! Kim’s knowledge, passion and integrity on the working line breed are second to none. The welfare and appropriate homing of her pups is paramount to Kim, and through a rigorous interview and meeting she perceptively guides you to the appropriate pup for your lifestyle and situation. Kim has been honest, available and generous with help and feedback throughout the process. We would unreservedly recommend Sarskilda and Kim to anyone who is interested in the working line German Shepherd. Jane and Clayton Brown, Auckland.

You couldn't meet a more passionate breeder than Kim. It is apparent from all our conversations with her, how much she loves her Shepherds, and it is infectious! She is very open and always willing to help and answer questions. We got the most beautiful, energetic, intelligent and loving pup from Sarskilda, and we are over the moon with him. We look forward to growing with our new best bud. Thank you Kim! Caleb and Julz.

We are so fortunate to have been selected to receive one of Kim’s Pups.
Kim’s incredibly thorough process and due diligence for weeks leading up for one of her pups was outstanding, As a potential owner you understood from the outset that Kim is very professional and and experienced with this breed so it gave you confidence that your pup was going to be special.
What I found is with Kim is her full care and concern is with her GSD pups first and foremost.
Kaia’s drive is strong and willingness to please is awesome, 
Kaia is very quick to learn and after having a Lab/Retreiver for 14 months (Guide Dog training) I thought we would have my hands full with a GSD but she is very obedient, and the loyalty is second to none.
We took her to the beach yesterday and a Police Dog Trainer called Aaron came up asking for a cuddle, he mentioned her temperament, (looks obviously as she is stunning sable bitch with awesome marking's) and good sturdy stature, was a testament to good GSD bloodlines and breeding, I mentioned she came from Sarskilda and he smiled and said very good choice. Emma and Kevin.

My wife and I truly love and admire the German Shepherd Breed, and have been fortunate to share our lives with a number of these magnificent animals over the last 23 years. A little over a year ago, we lost our best friend Ziggy to cancer at the young age of 9.5 years old. While we knew we could never replace him, there was a gigantic hole left in our hearts that was filled by his gentle soul.
After mourning the loss, we quickly realized we needed to provide a forever home for another GSD. Frankly our home was just a house without the pattering of paws and ever present stability innate to the breed. So with heavy hearts we began to research breeders online, looking for more than just a dog. We wanted a breeder that loved their dogs as much as we did, and cared about the overall health and well being of the GSD bloodlines.
Because we reside in Hawaii, obtaining a puppy from the mainland of the United States would require a 4 month quarantine due to our island being rabies free. This lead us to research Australia and New Zealand for breeders to avoid the unbearable stress on both the puppy and ourselves. Whether by fate or luck we stumbled upon Sarskilda Working Line Kennels run by Kim Foster. After looking through the pictures of her incredible dogs we decided to reach out with hope in our hearts that we could bring one of these amazing creatures to the Hawaiian islands.
We had no idea what to expect, but from the very first email to the day we picked up Jake at the airport - Kim was simply magnificent. Her priorities were completely inline with ours (evident in the first phone call where she essentially interviewed us to ensure we were good people that would treat her puppy with dignity and love he deserved). This being our 4th GSD, it was a unique experience for us in that Kim would pick our puppy based on the qualities we were looking for as well as our lifestyle. In many ways this encouraged us as we knew it wasn't about the money for Kim. What was most important to her was ensuring there was a good fit for all involved, and that we could be trusted to provide a loving home for Jake (aka Mud).
She was extremely supportive and communicative throughout the entire process, as well as completely honest and forthcoming. We were never guaranteed a puppy, only that she would do her best to make a match between our desired traits and one of her pups. No match, no pup. This spoke volumes about her character and love for GSDs, which translated into complete trust on our part that she would do what is best for both us and the dogs.
Jake has been with us know for a little over 2 months and we could not be happier. He has exceeded all of our expectations and more. He is sturdy, healthy, driven, obedient, loving and beautiful. He is by far the most well bred GSD we have ever had, and continues to amaze us on a daily basis. He had our hearts before he even got here due to all the wonderful updates and pictures Kim sent us along the way, and now we will be with him from this day until his last.
We couldn't recommend Kim's kennel or methods any higher. If you are serious about having a life long commitment to a true German Shepherd, with classic working line traits - look no further. Just pray she has enough pups and you are a good fit.
Thank you so much Kim for all you have done for our family. If we ever are looking for another puppy she will be our one and only option, and will be willing to wait as long as it takes as it is more than worth it.
All the best,

Andrew and Laura Johnston, Hawaii.

I've never met anyone, let alone a breeder who cares for her dogs more than Kim. After a bad experience with a previous breeder, Kim was like a breath of fresh air. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and has allowed me to make a truly special addition to my family. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and I know who I'll be talking to when the time comes to extend my family further. Wonderful work Kim, you truly are amazing! Chevy.

Our family are extremely happy with our beautiful puppy Maki, she has fit in well. Maki is an absolute delight; very outgoing, friendly, and intelligent, we love her so much. Wherever we take Maki people are always complementing us on what a lovely dog she is and how lucky we are, they are also very interested in now getting one of their own – from Kim naturally. This is a testament to Kim’s breeding programme – her aim for excellence, her commitment to her puppies, and her follow up once you have one of her dogs. We like to keep in touch with Kim so she can see Maki’s progress, and watch her as she grows, it’s only fair as she has invested so much energy into breeding and caring for her wonderful puppies.
When I rang Kim last year about the possibility of getting a puppy she was very upfront and clear about the process, the cost, and the commitment of owning a working line German Shepherd Dog. After the puppies were born Kim gave us weekly updates, which was so exciting, especially since we didn’t know what puppy we would be getting. Kim then chose us a puppy that was perfectly suited to our family - Thank you so much. Michelle and Scott.

 I have had many dogs over my life including many German Shepherd's. I can absolutely tell the difference in the working line breed and the quality of dog that Kim produces in her breeding program. From the beginning our little girl has shown a strength, intelligence, and stability of character that has set her apart. At the same time having a beautiful temperament and affection within our family setting. Her physical attributes have shown to be strong, agile and vital. She has been a joy to begin training with and I can honestly say that although I have loved all me dogs, this beauty is fast becoming the best I have had. Kim herself as a breeder is conscientious, dedicated and available for support following on throughout the dogs development. I have found Kim to be thorough and particular in both breeding and care & placement of her dogs with new owners which has ultimately resulted in a beautiful compatibility and in my opinion superior breeding in our dog. Thanks Kim, we love her!  Grace.

I recently had the privilege of acquiring an amazing pup from Kim. From the outset I felt at ease with Kim’s knowledge. Her process of selecting a pup for our family was new to me, but after speaking with her many times I had no hesitation putting myself in her hands! Kim knew her pup would be coming into a family home with owners who previously had German Shepherds as pets. My faith in Kim has paid off and my husband, children and I couldn’t be happier with our wee girl Echo. Already we can see Echo is a confident, sturdy and resilient wee girl. Echo loves to play, explore and is inquisitive. She also listens and learns so quickly! I can’t wait to try many new things in training Echo. Kim is fantastic to deal with and I have no hesitation contacting Kim in the future for her advice as Echo grows and develops. Tracy Crossfield.

My experience with Kim has been one of honesty, trust and commitment. Throughout the process of getting our Pup, Kim kept us informed of every stage from the Sire and Dam, through to mating, through to photos of the litter at every week. We were wanting a pup for a specialist reason, and because of this, Kim was well aware of what we wanted as well. The expectations from both sides were set from the start. It was a different concept to get used to where Kim was to pick the dog for you. However, this has worked out amazing, and Kim has chosen a pup that not only fits what we wanted the pup for but also fits our family as a pet.  Lace has adjusted well to our house, family and training to date. She is intelligent, sociable (loves people) and is a real problem solver. Her favourite past time is to chew and anything that is in site haha.

I can’t thank Kim enough for the support to date and her ongoing commitment and support for the life of Lace. Peter.

A GSD was on the cards for me for about 14 years. When the time finally came to find a reputable breeder I came across Sarskilda. I was impressed right from the get go about Kim’s breeding standard and put my name on the list to get one of her beautiful pups. 

Fast forward 8 months it was finally time to pick up our new pup!! He is a lovely boy, who was completely worth the wait. He has picked up the basic commands quickly and I cannot wait to watch him grow. He’s a busy boy but is such a joy to have around! Janine.

Kim you have been nothing short of amazing to us. I first contacted you last year and from our very first phone conversation it was already clear to me that you care about immensly about your dogs and about which homes they are placed into. We waited 3x until we finally got the good news. But now I can definitely see why. Kim REALLY knows how to judge these pups. Saeda was definitely worth the wait. We now not only have the cutest most loving little member added to our family but also you Kim, as our dear friend. Thank you! Tracey.

Kim recently sold me a beautiful female German Shepherd , classed as working line dogs. I would have to add to that and say top line Dogs, stunning to look at and in a class of their own.
As for Kim, the communication over the 8 months prior to purchasing my pup was very professional , I found Kim to be very knowledgeable about her dogs and she always was quick to respond to my emails or questions. Kim treated me as a potential buyer with the upmost respect during the entire time. Kim’s love and care for her dogs in her breeding program and her professional regard for clients, I would definitely have to highly recommend her to anyone wanting a perfect German Shepherd. Tracy Duncan.

When I first spoke to Kim we talked for nearly an hour. Through this conversation it was very obvious that Kim is passionate and committed to this wonderful breed, her breeding lines and the offspring of these magnificent dogs. Her integrity as a breeder is second to none , Kim is straight forward and her first priority is always the wellbeing of her dogs/pups. Kim has immense knowledge and understanding of her dogs, and the working line breed and their needs. At the end of the conversation we were invited to pay a deposit if we wished to proceed. Of course we did, no hesitation.
Kim's practice of choosing/ matching pups to potential families after she assesses the pups, and the realization that a match may not necessary occur with the due litter, was a new concept to us. But again, another sign of Kim's dedication to ensuring that the pup has the best home possible and both pup and family are a good fit for each other. Kim was always really open with us and kept in touch, sending photos and through social media. We had to wait a wee while, but that was all forgotten when we got the news that there was a puppy for us.  
We could hardly wait to know which puppy was ours but the wait was worth every second when we finally met our perfect new family member and Kim. Ishka is a beautiful sable girl, who is as Kim said, a darling. She is also courageous, mischievous, beautiful, alert, and very eager to learn. Ishka has been with us for only a few weeks and she is very vocal when she needs to go outside for toilet, comes to her name, sits, lays on her bed when told, walks nicely on a lead and just loves being wherever we are. She loves our older dog who has been very patient for the most part but who also is loving the energy this young puppy has. We are truly humbled and grateful to Kim that this beautiful vivacious pup has been entrusted to us. Ishka is the perfect match for us thankyou so much Kim. It is comforting to know that Kim will always be a part of our family too as we share Ishka's progress. I know Kim is only a phone call away if we need any advice. 
So if you are looking or thinking about one of these amazing pups please talk with Kim. I cannot speak highly enough of Kim and Sarskilda Kennels.
Keith and Trish Sybers.

It's been three weeks since we picked up our German Shepherd puppy Huxley and we've loved every second of it - it feels like he's always been part of our family! After deciding that we wanted a working line German Shepherd we scoured the internet looking for the right breeder and we were instantly drawn to Sarskilda Kennels. Kim really stood out from the rest with her informative website and Facebook page with lots of photographs of the adult dogs and also photographs of happy customers with their growing pups that have kept in contact with Kim over the months and years. Once we spoke to Kim on the phone we were immediately won over by her passion for the breed and her method of pairing the right dog with the right owners and forever home. Huxley is an extremely handsome working line German Shepherd, very precocious and intelligent, and precisely everything we were looking for in a dog. It's reassuring to know that whenever we need further help or have queries that we can contact Kim at any time. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarskilda Kennels to anyone who would love an amazing working line German Shepherd puppy in their lives. - Todd & Aja.

We are so happy with our puppy Asha.  It is certainly a relief to know you have a good breeding background for your dog, but also to know Kim has picked our puppy to suit us is amazing.  Asha fits in perfectly with our family. Kim was amazing to deal with, very easy and obviously has the dogs welfare at heart.  We feel we can ask for advice at anytime, and regularly send updates to Kim so she can see how Asha is doing.  I highly recommend getting your puppy through Kim, the whole experience was fantastic! Nicky.

I contacted Kim shortly after buying my first home as I really wanted a dog, a German Shepherd in particular, for company and also for security. After talking to Kim I decided to go on the wait list and with her expert decision making got my beautiful Leon in July 2018.He is everything I could ever have wished for and I am so so so happy.From the start Kim was open and honest, and also kept in close contact whilst sourcing the right pup for me. She could not have done a better job of matching us up and I am so grateful. I would highly recommend Sarskilda kennels to anyone wanting a German Shepherd; you will be in good hands. Lizzie.

We are very grateful for the beautiful addition to our family from Kim.  Keitel has settled in so well and our 10 year old Shepherd just loves the little boy Keitel.  He has given us so much joy and Kim has done a fantastic job of choosing the right puppy for us.  He is fearless and inquisitive and takes everything in his stride.  Loves his tug of war play, and has a good grip.  He loves going to work and everyone loves him.  Has an easy going nature and nothing fazes him, he brings lots of laughter and joy to us both and the grandchildren. Alina and Bill.

We have recently welcomed into our Family a beautiful Puppy off Kim, Ava is an intelligent affectionate happy girl who has fitted in really well, all thanks to the care and attention she pays to her dogs and their Pups. Kim chooses a Pup suitable for your needs, which has worked out really well for us. Kim, kept us updated on a very regular basis once the litter was born, and we looked forward to those as they came. Kim provides a lot of knowledge with the breed and is there for you when ever you need her for support. The quality of these Dogs are outstanding, in giving a Pup from Kim a forever home you will not be disappointed! Thanks Kim we all love Ava to bits. Janine and Vance

We recently got a beautiful male pup from Kim. It is easily evident how much Kim cares about her dogs and her clients. She is a diligent and attentive breeder with great communication throughout the entire process. Echo is a wonderful little dog. He is very smart and driven. He settled in very easily and loves to play and explore. We consider ourselves very lucky to have had the opportunity to own one of Kim’s pups. It is without hesitation that I recommend Sarskilda to anyone looking for a real working line GSD. I am looking forward to Echo growing up and am confident in knowing that Kim is available to give advice throughout this journey. David.

I came across Sarskilda Kennels after researching on-line. After losing both my previous shepherds from the South Island  at 8 years old to Degenerative Myelopathy, I was somewhat apprehensive about getting attached to another dog. My partner has since got a hunting dog.
I made contact on-line with Sarskilda, and the subsequent long conversation over the phone,was somewhat of a mutual interview. It was clear from then, that Kim Foster was on the same page, very passionate about her dogs, and where they were to be placed. 
Whilst testing for myelopathy isn't conclusive, this is but one of the tests that Kim has undertaken by Vets, before gauging the pups temperament, and placing with a suitable owner. It was reassuring to know Kim does everything possible, in trying to make sure her puppies have the healthiest and happiest of lives.
I waited patiently for the right pup, one of 8 in the December 2018 litter. Moke, a little pure black rascal, now 2.5 months old, has a bromance with my partners 13 month old Cesky Fousek pointer. Completely different temperaments as expected. Moke engages well, has already learned to sit, loves to play, and is confident being handled by many jealous friends and their children. No complaints from the neighbours either when he's left behind when we head to work. (ie not as vocal as the more needy pointer). 

I would recommend Kim to anyone serious about getting a top quality German Shepherd / new family member. The ongoing contact from Kim is more than welcome, along with the offer of advice. Cheers Kim!
Yours sincerely,

 We have welcomed home a puppy from Kim, Freya is a clever girl who has settled in really well. Kim’s knowledge and assistance has been amazing through this journey from before we collected the pup on wards. Kim has continuously kept us updated once the litter was born and even provided photos which everyone knows is difficult to take with a litter of puppies! The quality of these dogs are amazing and you won’t be disappointed! A big thank you to Kim! Ben and Renee.

Kim made the process of adopting one of her puppies painless, we got regular updates and her support and advice both before and after we picked up our puppy (Sage) is second to none.
Kim selected a puppy to fit our lifestyle and experience and we are very happy with her choice. Sage has settled into her routine well, she picks up new things quickly and it feels like she has been apart of of family for ages. Thanks Kim for completing our family :-)
Odette and Conor.

I approached Kim approximately 1.5 years ago to get a pup.  I wanted a boy which limited my chances and I was hoping to get a pup from Yaal.  It was a long wait but my communication with Kim was positive and informative, she always responded and still responds with any question I may have. It was very difficult to not see her setup or choose the pup but after long conversations with Kim she knew what I was looking for. I had to fly my pup to my home town and Kim gave me advice and took him to the airport with no drama. I have had my pup for 7 weeks now and could not be happier.  He was easy to toilet train, is quick to learn and I am so happy with his conformation and looks.  I am glad I waited for this boy.  I did worry about getting a full on working line GSD but having had him for 7 weeks I know he is going to fit any purpose I may have for him, including just being a family pet if that is what I choose him to be. Teresa.

We recently bought home our pup Nyeusi from Kim, and what a beautiful and fantastically intelligent dog she is! From the very beginning of our correspondence, Kim has been extremely supportive and intuitive to both our wants and Nyeusi's. Kim chose her for us as she was best suited to our lifestyle, as well as being first time German Shepherd owners. Needless to say we have been matched perfectly. Kim has been so supportive and helpful since getting Nyeusi, answering all of our questions and providing the best advice. We are able to call on Kim's knowledge of the breed at any time to help us along the way which has definitely made the transition smoother. We love our Nyeusi girl who is from the very best stock. We can not recommend Kim and Sarskilda highly enough. Thank you Kim! Sean and Emma.

Being a professional dog handler and trainer and also owning and running a 50 dog per day, daycare facility, you lead a very ‘dog busy’ lifestyle!
After researching high and low online and speaking to friends also in the industry, it was very clear that Sarskilda Working Line German Shepherds was the breeder for me.
My pup is highly intelligent and is a real deal working dog. Sure she’s had a great training regime from day 1, but she is trainable in a sense i have never experienced before with any other dog in my career so far. Her temperament is med energy, but extremely high drive. Drive for ball, treat or her favourite - her tug toy! Any way you can let her know you are pleased she will seek time and time again.
In only such a short time she has thrived in my very dog-busy lifestyle. She gets on well with dogs big and small, we also own two Tibetan Spaniels, 1 of which is My GSD’s bestie!
We also have a 1 year old baby who Lace is very respectful around!
I would also like to mention how impressed i was by the level of integrity Kim has to each and every puppy she breeds.
She was extremely easy to deal with and was very knowledgeable of the breed and the pups she had for adoption.
When you work with dogs to the level i do, you get a really strong insight to dogs and how they operate, Kim also has this level of understanding and actively trains her dogs.
I highly recommend Kim as a breeder, my wife and I are extremely satisfied with our pup.
We look forward to dealing with Kim again in the future! Jesse.

I researched throughly for a responsible and knowledgeable breeder before I got in touch with Kim, and I am so thankful I did. From the beginning Kim was determined to place the right pup with me, and she got it spot on. I can’t begin to describe how amazing my girl Kona is; she’s energetic but not hyper, incredibly intelligent and trainable, loyal, confident, and just beautiful. I get a lot of comments when we are out in public about how well behaved and lovely natured she is. She’s just a super dog. Kim was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process, from her explaining how and why she would select a pup for me, through to the ongoing support and advice she still provides me now as Kona is growing. I received updates almost weekly after the litter was born, and daily emails offering support and advice for a week after I picked Kona up, which was incredible. Kona’s intelligence and great nature is no doubt due to her parentage; it’s obvious that Kim is a very conscientious breeder. I can’t begin to describe how lucky I am to have got a pup from Kim- as my mum told me a couple of weeks after I brought her home, I have struck puppy gold. I would encourage anyone considering getting a German Shepherd to get in contact with Kim. Jaimee.

I have GSDs almost all my life since I was little and living in my father's military base. My dad had two retired military GSDs at that time. This breed of the dog gives me impressive memories.
I had three GSDs since 2006 in Auckland. Unfortunately, all sad stories. They have different genetic problems. Nowadays people breed them for shows and money!! They do NOT care about the physical, mental health and happiness of the dogs. I was once almost afraid to have GSD again! But this beautiful, intelligence dog always crosses my mind.
Since I got Fang from you, I really appreciate that I did not give up.
Your knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and hard-working for these dogs that remind me "Leading this breed to the top is the biggest dog-lover!"
Fang has settled very well. Her physical condition and intelligence are really impressive to me. Really high drive, and high energy. It only took me 5 minutes to teach her to sit, flat and stay. Fang's arrive just bring me and my family back to normal happy life again since we lost our last GSD "Merc" last November. Especially my son, get up at 6 am to feed and play with Fang every day.😂 And the first thing he back from school is training Fang with me....... there is a lot to say....... never enough to express my mood.......Thank you very much again!!! Ben.

Both growing up with German Shepherds, it was the logical choice for our first dog as a couple. Having talked to other breeders in New Zealand about their breeding programs and rational - we felt Kim had the breed and her dog’s best interests as a priority and her passion is unquestionable. After communications with Kim by phone and email, the decision was set that this would be our breeder of choice; Kim is ethical, caring, trustworthy and pragmatic - someone other breeders could take note from. I feel the relationship we are building is open and beneficial to all parties, Kim has been a great communicator to date and I’m confident this commitment will continue for the lifetime of our girl. We feel privileged to have Nyx who couldn’t be a more perfect fit for us! She is focused, a quick learner and affectionate in her own way (i.e. to be with us but not on us). We feel a responsibility to engage Nyx and give her a fulfilled life and plan to start this with basic obedience and see where she takes us! I have no reservations recommending Kim as a breeder, I hope to have Sarskilda GSDs for as long as Kim is breeding 😊 Jamie.

I first started looking into adding a working line German Shepherd puppy to our family more than two years ago.
After much research, it became pretty obvious that there were very few reliable breeders for this type of dog in NZ, and that Kim Foster of Sarskilda Kennels was one of them.

So almost exactly two years ago I took the plunge and sent Kim a long email explaining our situation and the sort of dog we were looking for. It had to be a male, and had to have good working / sport prospects.

Two years and 88 emails later, along with a number of long phone calls, and we got our pup Django!
I can't blame Kim for the long wait, I had quite specific requirements, and it has been more than worth the wait.
Django is an outstanding pup - at 3 months of age he is clever, curious, mischievous, but also very eager to please and quick to learn. He is surprisingly bold and confident, but also cautious and alert. 

Clearly he has the genetic background to be exactly the kind of dog we want, and with a lot of effort from his humans, and Kim's onging support and advice, I have no doubt Django is going to grow up to be an outstanding dog.

Throughout the whole process Kim has been supportive and helpful, and what was most apparent is that she truly cares where her pups go, and that they will be cared for and given what they need to thrive in their new homes.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Kim as a responsible and caring breeder, with her first priority being the well being of her dogs. Gregg.

We were lucky enough to get our male puppy Luke from Kim six weeks ago. Kim was fantastic to deal with from the first phone call. Kim took the time to find out about us and our requirements for a puppy. We had to wait for a suitable puppy but throughout Kim’s communication was great and when the litter was born we received photos every week.

Kim has an amazing knowledge and obvious love for the breed. We had no guarantees we would receive a puppy as Kim needed to get to know the puppies and decide if there would be one that would be right for us as a pet.

Luke is very affectionate and always willing to please he has amazing drive and loves new experiences. Training is going well and he is very social with people and other dogs. Our vet and the puppy school have commented that he has a very laid back nature but when he is chasing a stick or ball he is so determined and will only stop playing when exhausted! amazing drive.

Thanks Kim our son Hugo has a new best friend which he is loving it’s amazing to see their bond already. Christa, Geoff and Hugo.

Early this year, we decided as a family that we wanted to bring a German Shepherd into our lives. We found Kim's website and learnt that some puppies were due early August which suited our family perfectly. We contacted Kim and explained our situation and thinking. She immediately got in touch with us and explained the process she undertakes to ensure that the dogs are well matched to the right homes. Throughout the communication from before we got the dog to actually receiving the dog, Kim was quick and responsive to our emails and willing to offer clear advice and guidance. When we received our gorgeous new puppy, Kim was there at the end of the phone to offer us further guidance and support us in our 1000000 questions. She continues to be there for us as we ask questions and also share updates on how our newest addition is settling into our home. Our dog has exceeded our expectations. She's smart, quick to learn and super curious. We're excited for our future with her in it and can't thank Kim enough for walking alongside us through this journey. Highly recommend her and her services. M&M Homer.

Finding the Right breeder was by far the most important thing for my partner and I when the time came to welcome a dog into our lives. A breed like the German Shepherd is unlike so many when it comes to Intelligence and Loyalty. In my opinion, if you're going to own a breed with these attributes you might as well find the best you can.

Kim has been nothing short of first class to deal with, communication is outstanding which is very refreshing having dealt with some slack breeders in the past. Her knowledge of the breed and her dogs is excellent. 

Our pup named Tui is more than we could've hoped for. It was obvious to us that her treatment and handling from birth was very well done as she has been confident, easy to handle and playful from day 1. She has been with us for just over 2 weeks and has learnt so much already, very bright and inquisitive, eye contact is natural which is bloody fantastic. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Sarskilda Kennels to anyone, the support offered for the lifetime of the dog tops it all off. 

Very Grateful. Flynn.

The whole experience of getting our new family member from Sarskilda Kennels has been absolutely phenomenal. Right from the beginning, Kim has been upfront and honest, keeping us updated constantly of the process with news, photos and information – and continues to check in with how things are going and giving her support. Kim really cares about each and every individual dog and each and every new owner and I think that’s where the big difference is.


At first I was a bit wary of getting a pup paired with us and not choosing her ourselves, but now I have experienced this approach I would not go any other way. Sherpa is the perfect fit for us, and that comes from Kim’s expertise and knowledge. We truly feel that getting our new pup has been a friendship, not a business transaction, and we feel completely comfortable going to Kim with any query we may have. 


Thank you Kim for bringing us so much joy in our new addition! Poppy and Regan.

Kim is a fantastic breeder to deal with, communication throughout the whole process and she makes sure her dogs are going to excellent homes.
Ace is the best dog I have ever had, best GSD I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. His grip is great, can already heel, sit, down and we are starting the speak command at just 10 weeks old.
We got a black lab pup a couple weeks before getting Ace and he absolutely beats the intelligence and character in every single aspect. Looking forward to our future with our pup and recommend Kim to anyone! Keela.

Kim has been great through the whole process. She offers continual support and advice and is keen to keep in touch with how Enzo is going. We have had Enzo for a couple of weeks now and he has made us very happy parents. He is full of energy and is eager to learn and explore! He loves being outside and playing with his toys. Ethan and Tamara.

We made contact with Kim around 9 months before we brought our beautiful girl Mya home with us. We have always been very impressed with Kim’s professionalism, honesty, integrity and care for her dogs and the owners of her puppies. She has always been really quick to reply to any queries we have had. She made a perfect selection for us and we now have a brave, content and very smart girl! We just now need to be trained properly to give her the best life we can but know that Kim will always be there for us as time goes by. Helen and Andrew.

My partner Sian and I had been waiting for a long time to be in a position where we could bring home a Shepherd. A member of our family that we had both wanted for so long. We had been researching the ‘do’s and don’ts’ for a long time and having grown up with several, knew that a working line was for us. When we knew the timing was right, we started looking and almost straight away Sarskilda stuck out to us.

Kim’s philosophy, passion and knowledge of these dogs is incredible. She has made the entire process easy and communication has always been at the forefront. When we went into lock down as a Country, we were nervous about what this meant for us. Getting our new pup to us happy, healthy and safely was Kim’s main priority. It was no easy feat but as we came out of Level 4, Kim made sure our pup Cooper made it to his new home.

Not only is he an amazing looking pup, at 10 weeks he is well and truly proving himself as a smart, highly capable and brave dog. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Kim as Cooper further develops.

We would highly recommend Kim to anyone seriously looking for a Shepherd. Matt and Sian.

I was lucky enough to obtain one of Kim's pups. I am absolutely in love with my dog Echo. He is smart and playful and even a little cheeky sometimes. I was able to teach him basic commands such as sit, down and stay all within a week of getting him. Echo is learning everything so fast and is my best friend already. Thank you to Kim for everything, you are a lovely lady and have been so easy to deal with through the whole process despite being in a countrywide lockdown!! Tyron.

Kim has been amazing though the whole process. She has answered and and all questions that I had in the lead up to getting the pup which put my mind as ease.
Our pup Tāne is awesome. He is exactly what we were after! He is a very fast learner, has a super high drive, offers and holds eye contact very well, and at only 10 weeks old he is a star with scent boxing already, and showing a lot of promise on the tugs.
Very impressed with both Tāne and Sarskilda Kennels as a whole.

Would highly recommend for anyone after a great working line dog!! Brooke.

I went with Kim and Sarskilda Kennels because it was important for me to know the puppy I was going to spend 10-12 years with was going to be from a healthy breeding line and I had someone to contact for support should I need it. Kim has been very helpful getting me started with the pup with advising on training and making suggestions based on her experiences with German Shepherds. We are very happy to invite our new pup into our homes and we are looking forward to all the adventures ahead! Josh.

We wanted to thank you now that we’ve settled in with Juno.
She’s an incredible little pup and a delightful addition to the household, you’ve chosen well for us. We weren’t apprehensive with you selecting the right pup for us as the information you provided us with from the outset allowed us to feel comfortable to trust the process (saying that, we did not have a preference in sex or colour anyway). In this case the term ‘trust the expert’ comes to mind when considering the right fit for a household and you certainly didn’t let us down. 
We’ve found her to be incredibly receptive to training; she is so willing to give us eye context and eager to please.
She’s just beacon of joy in our lives and it’s nice to see the hard work paying off.
Thank you for the support you have given us so far, long may it continue! Tim and Ellie.

We couldn't be happier with our newest addition to our family 'Arlo'.  She is a beautiful strong pup with a confident and calm personality.  She is focused and has good food/prey drive so our training to date is going well.  Kim has been awesome to deal with throughout the entire process and her passion for this breed goes beyond words which should give anyone confidence to trust in her as a reputable breeder.  Kim encourages that people keep in contact with her for any queries or concerns, good or bad, so she can provide guidance where needed, which shows her commitment to these dogs.  I highly recommend Kim and her dogs to anyone who would be looking to give one of her pups a great and adventurous home. Steeva and Family.

It had been 11 years since I had last added a GSD puppy to my family so I was somewhat nervous about the entire process. Kim was unbelievable, right from the very first phone call to me where we discussed my background with GSD's and what I was hoping to achieve with my next puppy outside of family life, I genuinely felt that Kim 'got me'. Professional, kind and patient is how I would describe Kim as a breeder when dealing with me. Before I got our puppy she put up with a barrage of questions from me (sometimes on a daily basis) but always took the time to reply. She is incredibly forthcoming with advice and suggestions and since our amazing wee fella joined our family she is always there to answer any questions I have and offer sound advice without making me feel like an idiot for asking. It is totally obvious that she wants the best life for each of her puppies and in my eyes she has gone from 'a breeder' to someone I now consider a friend and more importantly, someone that I know is always there to guide me in giving Cayos a happy and fun life. Rach.

"Our life really came together recently and the time was finally right for a puppy to come home. This led to me looking into working lines and then working line breeders in NZ. I found Kim's details and we were chatting later that weekend. What really convinced was the fact that I trusted her and that she only sells a dog if she believes it's the right fit for the client in question (no guarantees!) - she's very communicative and likes to chat about the breed and her dogs but I truly believe that she's a person of integrity.

My wife was on board with a working line dog due to their health and temperaments - given this is what Kim breeds for, obviously, this was great. After the initial deposit, a nervous few months followed waiting to hear about pregnancies and whether we would, indeed, have a pup. Through this period, Kim was in regular contact with pictures and videos. Then the day came and we were told that there was a pup for us.

And now here we are with a lovely young lad, Ray. He's a real beaut and a super pup. Everything we wanted and more - fantastic out and around people, very playful, a bit of a goof, and is already our shadow. He has made our lives better and we couldn't be prouder. Kim continues to be chatty and we have shared a few laughs - she's answered every question we've had (there's been a lot) and has given us a lot of confidence in raising Ray up right.


In short, Kim's great and so are the dogs she sells. Adam and Ella.

“We did a lot of research into breeders of GSDs in NZ and were really pleased to come across Sarskilda. After a lengthy informal chat with Kim it was clear that she cares a great deal about her dogs and pups, and has their best interest and the interest of the prospective owners at heart. We were kept updated throughout the process with pictures and videos, the transportation of our new pup down to us was dealt with professionally and with a tried and tested company putting any concerns we might have had about flying a small pup down to us aside. Testament to Kim’s ability as a breeder is proof of the quality pup we now have, which matches exactly what Kim said he would be like. Further to this we know Kim is always a phone call or email away should we need any advice or have any questions at any point in the future.” Kimmy.

I am very happy with the puppy we got from Kim. Kim is very friendly and informative about her dogs. She took the time to understand what type of dog would suit my daughter as her companion and matched a puppy to suit.

My daughter says this about her puppy.

“Ezra is stubborn, cheeky, clever, cuddly and determined. He loves biting and he always wants to be chased. He's good at communicating what he wants. He's easy to love and I want to be with him every second of every day. Watching him learn is one of my favorite things. Although there have been struggles he has helped me greatly and I can't imagine my life without him.”

Thank you Kim for giving us the opportunity to have a great new addition to our family. He fits right in and is already loved greatly. Vanessa and Nicola.

“The process through Kim was outstanding, she has extensive knowledge and understanding of the characteristics required for a working dog and the ability to identify those traits in the pups from an early age. She was in constant contact throughout the entire process and extremely up front and honest. After our first conversation  I had complete faith in her ability to identify an appropriate pup which I feel she has done. I have not seen a pup so confident and bold at such a young age and am still yet to throw something at him that he has even borked at. I am excited about the journey myself and Luka have just started, for him to be our companies second Drug Detection Dog”


Matt MacDougall

Co Director / Dog Handler

ZeroStone Detector Dogs Ltd

As a previous German Shepherd owner I was wanting a pup from excellent stock and preferably a working Line dog (simple, right?).

I did some research and contacted several breeders for information, after a conversation with Kim, I decided I need not look any further. Kim’s knowledge about dogs and demeanour along with personality, put mind at ease very quickly.

Having just recently lost my wife to cancer, I had a specific need for a dog who would gel with my wants and needs, Kim advised me that if I were to get a dog from her, that she would match the dog with my personality and needs. To start with  I was a little concerned that  by only talking to me me from an email and a conversation, that this could be difficult. I am pleased to say that we did not just leave it at the one email and 1 telephone call, we were in fact, in contact quite a lot during the time of placing the order and picking up the pup, Kim did indeed take an interest as to my needs and wants, she matched me with my now 10 week old Pup Beau….This little chap has been an absolute positive addition to my life,” my heart is not so broken”, he makes me smile with antics, his mischievousness and absolute adoration of me….I could not have asked for more. He is a stunning looking Pup, so well behaved in fact he sits at my feet at work under my desk.

The process itself was easy and no fuss, the timing of course, was up to the dogs and coming into season. However I would like to say that,  I have found Kim to be delightfully forthright and Knowledgeable, helpful and extreemly easy to get along with, I feel like I have a new friend/ help at the end of a phone call should I need it. Because of this lovely person, I have a 4 footed companion and great dog, making life suddenly look like there a new possibilities full of joy to be had…A heartfelt thanks to Kim.

A very Happy client

Michael Scandrett

“Atlas”is probably one of the most intelligent pups I’ve had. She just learns everything sooo quickly. A pleasure to have. Jo.

I have always had a fascination with German Shepherds especially the working lines. In the midst of never having another dog after the sudden loss of my GSD of 11 years I stumbled across the Sarskilda Kennels website and was immediately taken by the stunning dog on the cover page, after reading through all the information on the site I found myself drawn to Kim's ideals and expectations of the breed with health and temperament put above all else.

Curiosity got the better of me and I contacted Kim for more information. Kim was completely open about her expectations for prospective homes for her dogs, the ongoing support and advice available to chosen owners, the process for selecting them and that  there was no gaurantee that being on the waiting list would result a suitable pup.

After a half hour conversation about my dogs, her dogs and dogs in general I found we had pretty much the same thoughts and I graduated from never having another dog to I really want one of these dogs, and so the wait began.

Having a pup selected for me was a new process and there is a huge amount of trust required but if the dogs are half as good as Kim says, and the testimonials on the website seemed to back that up, it wouldn't be misplaced. 

Kim made regular contact  from the time of the breeding with photo or video updates of the litter. The contracts were simple, clear and easy to understand.

So what we received is an absolutely stunning wee pup that is super confident, and incredibly smart and what impressed me more than anything is I don't think I could have picked a better fit myself.

He is a real live wire, it will be a great adventure raising this wee chap and thank Kim for the opportunity, Kruze is proving to be everything promised.


Our new puppy has fit in perfectly with our family and our other dog. He has great drive to work and play with tug toys. He also enjoys his play time with our other dog. Kim was great to deal with. We look forward to seeing the future in Dogsport with our new addition. Justin.

Right from my first interaction with Kim I was immediately impressed by her knowledge of the working line German Shepherds and dedication to all of her dogs and pups.

Kim was informative throughout the process and provided us with updates.

The amount of time that Kim takes accessing each pup and ensuring they are the correct fit shows how much she truly cares about getting them into the right homes.

For a breeder who offers lifetime support for the dog shows her commitment to you as an owner and for each pup.

No question is too big or too small and she is always available for support and guidance.

I am now the proud owner of a beautiful sable coloured girl named Misha and Kim has done a fantastic job matching her with the family and we are extremely privileged to have her.

I would highly recommend Kim and Sarskilda Kennels.

Thank you Kim.


At first, I was quite wary of the process which Kim had proposed to us. But her process turned out to be a foolproof system that matched us with our beautiful Russell. A healthy, confident, intelligent boy - very much like the rest of his brothers and sisters. Throughout the entire time, Kim always responded to our emails, reassured us, and kept us in the loop of what was happening. Whilst at the same time did all that she could to prepare us for what was to come. It's never too much effort for Kim and she will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy, and will then go twice as far to ensure that your dog is too. Very pleased with our boy, and very much look forward to using Sarskilda Kennels again in the future. 

Luke Pettigrew 

 Head Coach at Hybrid Theory

I cannot speak highly enough of Kim and our absolutely incredible extremely well rounded and level headed puppy Storm or as one of my children call her “My Stormi”. From the first time I spoke to Kim I knew I wanted to purchase a puppy from her and hoped I was up to her very high standards. She was exactly my kind of person perfectionist, cared deeply about her dogs and puppies, the working line breed, continues to after they are in their new homes and was extremely thorough with every single aspect of the process. She has answered all my MANY questions about everything and there were a lot! He knowledge is so extensive and I have been endlessly impressed by her take on everything. Storm is so fantastic she learns everything so quickly, she’s so driven, yet has an off switch happily chills inside, she knows outside is only for training/play, such a beautiful temperament and after one week with us she was sleeping through every single night 8-9hrs. I am a full time stay at home Mum have 3 young children 5, 3 and 6 month old it has been the best decision we have EVER made adding Storm to our family. My husband even said I can get another German Shepard from Kim in the future he loves her so much! There’s a lot of noise in our household and she’s not phased by any of it. Happily plays in her ex-pen and loves her crate. She’s fully house trained, loves her multiple mini training session a day, loves a game of tug and not phased by new places/different people/experiences. We absolutely adore her and she us as well. Watching how she is around my children, has been so beautiful and they adore her. When they feed her from their hands she’s so gentle with them and they give her food. Storm is such stunning looking dog, we get so many compliments everywhere we take her out and about. She is the most adored and loved puppy by us all. I am so endlessly grateful for Kim’s continued support and that she choose us for one of her absolutely incredible puppies. Jordana.





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