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Gunther Diegel

Gunther was conducting a Schutzhund training seminar in California, shortly after winning the Bundessieger with Okar von Karthago (100-96-96-292 "V"). He was working with a dog in protection that was not responding well and things weren't going as he had hoped. As he worked and worked to try to achieve some degree of success with the dog, he finally stopped...and approached the group and said:

Gunther's quote about the above situation

"When this dog finds himself under stress, as 
all dogs do at times, he reaches back to his 
ancestry to get help or relief from the stress. 
But, as you can see, when this dog reaches 
back for help from his ancestors...there is 
nobody there".

The reference to "soft" dogs or dogs with a lack of courage and hardness (temperament) for Schutzhund training has been discussed and "defined" in many ways, but none so accurately (and eloquently) as this profound statement by Gunther Diegel.

His interpretation was appropriate and reflected in his 
on trying to work dogs with insufficient hardness and courage.



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