New Zealand





Frozen Semen

SG Yaspo vom haus Kasfeld


I am very fortunate to have obtained what is believed to be some of the very last semen available from this dog. Yaspo is a large, well structured male. This dogs pedigree is very impressive, his father being V Leon von der Staatsmacht ( SCHH3, Kkl 1 ) and Leon's father Asko von der Lutter ( SCHH3,IPO3,FH1,3X 3 BSP,BSP 98 SIEGER,V WUSV 2000 SIEGER. Yaspo's dam line is also very impressive, containing dogs that offer power, strength and trainability. Dam - Heydi vom Sportpark, BH.AD,SCHH3,IPO3, Heydi's dam, Darling vom Sportpark SCHH3. I am very excited to introduce these exceptional lines into my breeding program. I believe Yaspo will inject the all important fight and mental strength I so desire in my dogs



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