New Zealand





Frozen Semen

Alex zu den Grauen Birken
Import from Germany into Australia

Sarskilda is very excited to incorporate this dog and his pedigree into our breeding program. Max is a very substantial dog, with an exceptional pedigree behind him - Pendal Bach, Fasanerie, Erlenbusch, Fegelhof, Korbelbach, Mink vom Haus Wittfeld, to name a few. He currently has grandsons operational and training, with various Police Dog Squads.

I have seen video of this dog working, courtesy of his owners, and I was very impressed by the dogs strength and commitment to his work, while he can be a pushy dog, he has a very good nature, and is a very balanced dog with his drives and temperament. He is also very well known for his extremely hard and solid grip.

I expect to introduce size, substance, strength and excellent nerve with these lines.



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